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The LUK system is recommended for Prep to year 8.
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LUK Self Checking Program

(LUK learning)

The LUK Self Checking Program enables students to complete their worksheets, check their answers and self correct any mistakes.

LUK is a system. Students need to work with systems because learning depends on understanding and following systems. Learning difficulties find systems challenging, LUK helps to establish the understanding of systems.

LUK is great for students who like to work on their own. They can progress from one question to the next independently.
Mini Luk pic
Once students learn to work on their own and understand the LUK system, they do not mind the work, they actually like it.

LUK is a game, it is fun and yet students learn at the same time.

LUK Control box 24 tiles.





Learning is enhanced with LUK, the good feeling using LUK helps learning.

There are 2 LUK control boxes, the Mini LUK with 12 tiles and LUK with 24 tiles.

The LUK system is recommended for grade 1 with suitable workbooks and with workbooks all the way to year 8, teachers use it for teaching children with learning difficulties. Books are age appropriate for all ages. The worksheets are designeds to be used with or without the LUK Box.

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