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The LUK system is recommended for Prep to year 8.
What is LUK?
How does it work?
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Workbooks to be used with LUK.
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Students will beat learning difficulties.

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The workbooks are tested by the students themselves. Students with learning difficulties (LD) use every worksheet well before we publish the complete workbook. Therefore the worksheets are tested for their educational quality by the end users, the children with education problems. Sometimes the students ask for changes, to be able to follow the teaching strategies better. The testing by the students make the worksheets easy to follow and work well.

Each workbook does progress in small gradual sequential steps, the pages are clear, uncluttered and easy to follow. The workbooks are regularly used for children with learning difficulties and education problems in schools as well as by parents. Parents use series of our of our books for homeschooling their children.

We have workbooks produced with LD children in mind.. The worksheets are used in Prep, Primary and Middle School to overcome all learning difficulties and learning problems, teachers in both public and private schools use our material. The reading and spelling workbooks are used extensively with ESL home school students and in schools. Actually the worksheets do help with all educational problems concerning early intervention as well as learning pencil skills, writing numbers, forming sentences, number concepts, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and more.books for homeschooling their children.

Pre-writing is an important skill to learn early. Prep workbooks, such as Pencil Skills(pre-writing), are excellent to get your child ready for school.
Their pricing is very competitive, however if you like to get a complete workbook of your choice free, go to our Free Book Offer page.
their children.

We help solve children's LD, with an array of specially designed books and programsand LD strategies that help to overcome your children's learning problems. We can help your child, at all levels, prep, lower primary, middle primary or upper primary. Select workbooks that include money, art and drawing, handbooks and teacher resources. The workbooks cater for both, the LUK and minLUK systems, as well as for work without the help of LUK. At Jays' Education we help you to get over your child's LD problems with an approach to learning that is designed to be simple and effective.
Try, we will help you all along to master any education problem your child may have.
Remember: Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Our very popular self checking LUK literacy and maths program is one of the best tools to for students with learning difficulties to learn to read, spell and do mathematics.. The LUK system enables students to complete their worksheets, check their answers and self-correct any mistakes.

YES Nothing changes if nothing changes! 
Go for it, help your child to finish with learning difficulties. Only you can do it.

Hana Jay is an expert in dealing with all learning problems, her experience spans over a long line of successful help to children of all ages (see some of the testimonies). Read what Hana says about learning difficulties. Problem with learning can always be overcome, yes, it is not easy, but that's how our life, is it not? 
Give it a go, start with checking out what Hana has to say to education problems.

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